About us

MTÜ Tartu Off-road Klubi (Non-profit Association Tartu Off-road Club) was created in spring 2007. The main idea was to liven the off-road movement in and around Tartu and to incorporate everyone who is interested in anything that has something to do with off-road driving and SUV-s. It all started in Kotka Kelder, were five men came together and decided that it’s about time to create a club. Five charter members where Urvo Männama, Kaido Kallavus, Märt Vooro, Ardi Orav ja Kaarel Prommik. In time things have evolved, some members have joined and some have departed. Tartu Off-Road Klubi has rooms on Puiestee street, where members can repair and improve their machinery or just have barbeques, spend time and exchange knowledge with people who share the same interests.We owe lot’s of thanks to different sponsors, thanks to whom we have basic equipment and a toolpark to exercise maintenant and repairement works. By now some racecars have also been built in these rooms.

Also, we have organized lots of outings, where we have tried to choose the tracks so that their complexity would be corresponding to the capability of the part-taking cars and drivers. Thanks to that there are many who have just come to find out more about off-road and then been irreversibly infected, bought their own technics and become active members who like to use their offroad machines purposefully. We hope to keep up the same way. The club also organizes events both for the members of the club and the larger audience and looks for sponsors and active people who are interested in technics. If someone wants to sink his or her car into the Earth, we do our best to prevent the lack of knowledge, money or courage from stopping it.